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Hotel Universal Guilin

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China is leading the rapid development of tourism and hospitality industry in Asia, and strong growth in business and leisure income. Compared with the first tier cities, China's two or three cities hotel room prices increased significantly. As the two or three line city Nuevo Hotel opened in succession, the government invested in the construction of new transportation facilities, which will further promote the steady growth of China's hotel room prices. Chinese and foreign hotel brands continue to expand its business layout, Avenir Hotel balance of supply and demand will be a topic of concern. The proportion of the world's various types of hotel chains are: luxury 5%, high-end, mid-range, 37%, economic type of the application of type 8%, 20%. However, the economy and the applicability of the hotel accounted for only 28% of the greater potential for development. As of 2012, the national accommodation catering enterprises of nearly 330, annual operating income of more than 2 trillion, accounting for about of the year GDP. 2011 national food and beverage revenue 20543 yuan, an increase of 16.9%, employing up to about 22000000 people. In the hotel industry, more than 28, the accommodation enterprises which amounted to 1.6 above the national hotel industry enterprises, an increase of 8.4%; sales revenue 218 billion 400 million yuan, an increase of 23.3%; operating profit 160 billion 300 million yuan, an increase of 22%. Slowdown in the growth rate of the industry, indicating that the past few years of high profit era has passed, into the era of meager profit.

, Lijiang city of Yunnan Province, the Old Town of Lijiang scenic area is the main problem: tourists complained of long-term high rates, personal and property safety of tourists frequent incidents, often causing serious adverse impact on society, the ancient city residents and tourism operators contradiction, decreased area of product quality, the quality of tourist facilities degradation. Mudanjiang city in Heilongjiang province Lake Jingpo scenic area is the main problem: the area surrounding the black car soliciting phenomenon is serious, lack of high grade toilet, toilet shortage, the tourist service center without tourism services, scenic spot signs worn, complaints from tourists etc.. Liaoning city in Dalian province Tiger Beach Ocean Park Tiger Beach Polar Museum is the main problem: the function of the tourist service center is seriously insufficient, the tour quality degradation, waste disposal, vehicle Luantingluanfang phenomenon is serious, serious shortage of safety tips, complaints from tourists etc..

The next step, the National Tourism Bureau will further strengthen the 5A level scenic spots management guidance, adhere to the 5A level scenic spots and out of order, dynamic management, increase it in the post supervision, safety and quality, in order to promote the scenic normalization supervision, the supervision and guidance of all kinds of tourism scenic spots to promote the management service level, the 5A level scenic spots always to maintain a beautiful environment, good service, high quality, visitors with tourism brand.